Try to Live Life…

Once there was a famous Artist. He created a very pretty picture and displayed it on the square of the city and wrote a note under the picture, anybody seems any correction please mark it.

When he saw the picture in the evening, it was ruined by the marks on the whole picture. It was very sad to see the picture. He was not able to understand anything, he was sitting sad.

One of his friend was passing by there, saw him and asked about his sadness, the artist told him the whole event. His friend told him, do one thing create another picture and put it over here and write a note, wherever anybody found any mistake or need any correction please make it correct.

Now in the evening artist found that no one has done nothing on the picture and it was found as it was in the morning. Now he understood peoples behavior in the world.
Reprove, found the errors in others, preach down is easy but it is extremely difficult to overcome those shortcomings. This is life…

When the world says I
‘Give it up’
Hope says softly in the ear.,,,,
‘Try Again’
And rightly so ..,,,
“Life is like an ice cream, it is melting while you taste and Melting too while you waste it .,,,

So learn to test life;
The Waste has done so.,,,

“Try to Live Life…”


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