Do we really deserve these all?

Do We deserve the things often we complain for or we got?

Do We deserve the things often we complain for? Hmmm! this the subject I think a-lot, not only for myself but for each and every single person.

As, we as a human being the God’s most beautiful and incredible artwork, more or less making our planet nasty and messy with the garbage materials as well as with dirty thoughts manly. Do we deserve to live in such clean place?
Each and every second we are throwing things here and there that becomes waste, and then we think oh! this place is so dirty, people have no sense, scattering the junk everywhere. Even we do not want to remember that this has been started by our-self first. Pointing towards other people even to the governing body, that they are not doing their duty properly & honestly rather than looking our own soul.

We often making so much of noise with our vehicle’s horn with loud speakers, with loud sound system, we are comfortable and even love this act when we do these all our self but, distracted or getting angry when these all things happen by other sources or by other people. And and then we again started bashing people or the situations, and try to run away from these situations to somewhere in piece. Do we deserve to live in such a quite place?

When government provide us some facilities for our comfort or to use in need, we try to always undergoes those feature and facilities first even though we do not really in need. Whereas there are a-lot of people who are really in need are waiting for those facilities, and left to undergo those features. Do we really deserve to undergo those feature?

Nature provide us resources full of energy full of joy full of health but what we do. We are not just using the resources we are wasting the resources. Do we preserve any single natural resource? No we just know to destroy the natural things. We do not value it because we do not earn it by our self, we received them for free. Do we really deserve these resources? As we do not have any value for them.


My Thoughts

Some of my thoughts:
If you want change in society, be the same your self first.
If you want to be honored, give it to the other first.
Treat People in the way, that you want for yourself.
Always help the person in need.
Less expectation less pain.